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IDamp proofing Bath, Bristol, and surrounding areas. Thompson Plastering has completed many successful projects in and around Bath. Giving back properties valuable space.


Spotting Damp Issues








  • Damp Patches 

  • Peeling Wallpaper

  • Black mould

  • Damaged plaster


Sources of Damp


Damp can affect a lot of properties in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas. The most common sources are:

  • Leaks – Leaks can occur from pipes bursting or general accidents. Usually, leaks will affect one part of the wall or ceiling.

  • Rising Damp –  Rooms on the ground floor and the damp is on the bottom of the walls.

  • Condensation – Large amounts of vapour from everyday living becomes trapped in a property. When the warm damp air comes into contact with cooler air, the result is condensation. This can also create black mould.

  • Penetrating Damp – This due to leaky pipes and poorly maintained brickwork. Over time can become damaged.


What is Damp Proofing?

Damp is a real problem in many properties. It causes damage and odour. Sometimes it leaves valuable rooms and space unusable. Damp proofing is a type of moisture control, which is carried on building walls and floors. This is to prevent moisture from passing into the interior spaces. Damp problems are one of the most frequent problems encountered in homes.

Thompson Plastering Damp Proofing Bath & Surrounding Areas

The first step will be to come and survey your damp issue. This will be FREE of charge. Our experts will assess what type of damp issue you have and how to tackle it. Damp can come from a large range of places. We can solve any type of damp problem. We work with market leading suppliers including Delta Membrane Systems. We will guarantee all our work leaving you with peace of mind that your property will stay dry.


Having worked on many properties in Bath and Bristol, we are experts in solving damp issues. We will give back usable space on your property.


Contact us today for your FREE survey and no obligation quote.

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